Oh Mell was founded by Melinda Duranti. With over 10 years experience in the fashion industry and having sewn and crafted from a young age, it's time to share my skills with others.

Learning something new gives you such a great feeling. It builds confidence and makes you feel good. It also teaches you patience and problem solving skills. And once you start to master a craft, the creativity involved in making things really is a stress relief. 

It's also something that can create a community. Whether you're learning in a classroom or teaching a friend, crafting brings people together. It creates a positive vibe and makes conversation flow.

As a new Mama, I know, now more than ever, community is important. You are always looking for advice or to know "if that's normal". You want to surround yourself with others (particularly women) who share the same values and vibes. It can also be a bit isolating being at home with a new baby and you are often looking for different ways to connect.

I love to share the creative vibes. Jump on my blog for inspiration or purchase a craft kit to create your own unique piece. 

If you are not the crafty kind, that's ok, you can also support Oh Mell by buying ready made products that are hand made here in Noosa, Australia.

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A bit more about Melinda:

Hi, I’m Melinda, the creative behind “Oh Mell”. After 10 years of living in Melbourne my husband and I decided in 2018 it was time for a sea change and moved to Noosa, back to the state I grew up in.

During my time in Melbourne I worked in fashion and retail, spending the last 8 years of my time in Melbourne working for The Eastside Clothing Company on the brands Stella and Estelle. Being a small business, I gained many different skills in my time working there. I started off as a pattern room assistant – measuring garments, creating size specs and workbooks for offshore manufacturing, QC inspections and minor pattern alterations. I then moved into the design and development team – travelling to China and overseas buying and fabric trips, contributing to the brands direction and look, sketching, creating mood and range boards and more. In my last few years at Eastside I took a lot of interest in the building and maintenance of our websites, social media and brand development. I created the direction of the photoshoots and content for social media.

Now that I have re-located, I still work on a consulting basis with fashion labels. I have always loved fashion and love helping others reach their potential. If you are interested in my skills, please send me an email, I would love to chat!

Love Mel. x