Zulu & Ziggi: A Crafty Day

Somehow we skipped the 'everyone's getting married' moment & went straight to 'everyone's having babies' phase! So many of our friends either have then or are having them. And I feel like all of Adrien's friends at home are having them, I can't keep up! So it's going to be an exciting trip to France, especially for Adrien to see all his friends & meet the little people too.

So I thought this was a good excuse to make them some gifts. There's 2 girls already who I made animal rugs already (photo below) and there are 3 boys on the way (twins for one... Lucky! Couple).

I have been doing so well this winter not getting sick until this weekend, it's really hit me hard. So I had a quiet day in today & made some softies. I did a bit of research on Pinterest & some books I had & come up with a pattern.

Toys always take longer to make than you think, they are quite fiddly turning all their arms & legs inside out but I love seeing them come to life. And I love the imperfections of a hand made toy, they have so much character. For the twin boys I made 2 bears, Zulu & Zigi with matching shirts & soft knit bodies. I'm still making another for the other little boy, I'll share it on Instagram once it's done.

Hopefully I will get some time to make some more things before we go. I'm happy to share instructions if anyone is interested!? Hope you had a great weekend!