Over it or Overalls?

Overalls have slowly being gaining traction and trending the last few seasons. I feel like it has taken a while for us to embrace them but now, you can't escape them! I guess they are pretty comfy and not to mention cute. You are also not limited to blue denim, these days they come in many colours and not just in denim but also linen and other blends. They also come short or long or wide or skinny leg. With so many choices how do you choose just one pair?!

They are also easy to style. Just pop on a plain t-shirt for a relaxed look, a sweater or knit if it's cold or a blouse to dress it up. Shoes can vary from sneakers (rolling the legs up for extra style), mules or slides or heeled boots.

With some inspo from pinterest (above) I found a few that are on my wish list.

For a relaxed summer version, look no further than these Pocket Short Overalls from Matin.

For a more classic style, look at these vintage Levi's overalls.

And last but not least, my personal favourite from Zulu and Zephyr.