Ikea Hack: DIY Geometric Chest of Drawers.

So here we are for part 2 of creating our entrance way. I had another look around on Pinterest. (If you don't have it I really recommend it!) There is some great Ikea Hack projects on there for re-working their products. I was a bit undecided whether to get a bench seat or a chest of drawers but after a little research and looking at the space which is quite small I decided a chest of drawers would be better. Then we have somewhere to put our keys, hand our bags on and store small items in. I got this chest of drawers from Ikea for AU$49.99. Total bargain. They have bigger ones, and ones with legs if you have more space. It just needs to have a raw finish for the paint to stick well. Again just be mindful that there will still be raw timber once the project is finished so be careful with wet items. If you live somewhere where it rains a lot it might be worth painting a layer of matte varnish over the top. So here it is with some step by step instructions. I put it all in one picture to make it easy for printing, I hope that helps.