DIY Watercolour Fruit Wrapping Paper

If you are into craft and are anything like me, you have hoards of supplies. I hate throwing them away or wasting them so I am always trying to think of ways to use what I have. There's a few birthdays coming up and I was looking for something to wrap gifts in and didn't have any wrapping paper. But I have a stack of white A3 paper and no real use for it so I decided to make some gift wrap. There's so many designs out there and its really fun so I think I will be doing it again for Christmas. And the best part is, it doesn't have to be perfect. If its a bit rough in my opinion it adds character.
For this project you need:
  • A3 paper (or larger if you have it)
  • Watercolour paints
  • Paint Brush
  • A small container of water
  • A lid or something to mix the paints on (I used the lid of a plastic take away container)
I have created pineapples and watermelons.
  • To start mix the paints with a little water. The more water the lighter the colour so play around with it.
  • For the watermelons first paint half circles in a red or dark pink colour.
  • They can be all the same direction or different angles or different sizes, its up to you!
  • Then draw a line around the outside of the circle in green leaving the straight side blank.
  • Wait until the red is mostly dry then spot small black spots on the red for the seeds. If you don't wait the colour will run so be patient people!
DIY Watercolour Watermelon Wrapping Paper
And your done. I recommend letting it dry overnight before wrapping just in case.
  • For the pineapples I first painted the tops. Using green paint draw 3 or 4 flecks like a patch of grass.
  • Then using a dark yellow, paint ovals under the green tops. Again, you can play around with size and direction.
  • Allow to dry and then spot small black or brown spots on the yellow.
DIY Watercolour Pineapple Wrapping Paper
Done! Cute custom wrapping paper that will make someone smile.