DIY Leather neck tie necklace

So it's full blown summer here in Melbourne and I am loving it! The sun is so energizing and I always feel better when its warm and sunny. On Sunday I had a little crafting session in my court yard. The day before I had done some gardening so I thought it would be nice to sit among my plants that are slowly growing in numbers! One of my goals this year was to make as many if not all birthday presents this year. (more on that next post!) so I was busy doing that and so today's post is a quick and easy one that's right on trend at the moment. The leather neck tie necklace is a simple leather strap that you wrap around a few times and tie in a knot. Instant choker necklace. Tassels are also on trend right now so that is what I put on the end of mine but you could put anything really: metal toggles, gem stone beads or charms. I've seen them on the catwalk, on Instagram, on some famous peeps, they are popping up everywhere and I think will be a great trend for winter with the goth Victorian look coming back.
I picked up all I need at Darn Cheap Fabrics in Melbourne, they have a great array of trims. If you're not in Melbourne Spotlight or any craft store will have the supplies you need.