DIY Entrance way part 1 - Coat Stand

Happy New Year! I hope you had a great start to the year and it brings you lots of happiness and good health.
We moved house about a year ago now, from a 1 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom unit. It's so great as we have so much more space. I'm slowly trying to update things so it has a bit more style instead of random things here and there. It's a little bit beachy, a bit graphic and a bit boho I would say? I am always drawn to print and colour so it's a mix of neutrals with some colour thrown in. My first project was updating our entrance way. As we are renting, we are limited in that we cannot attach things to the walls so I jumped on Pinterest to get some ideas. You can check out my board here.
I decided on a small chest of drawers so we could store gloves, scarves and small items in and put our keys etc on top and a coat stand.
I found a great, easy coat stand on Pinterest by Emily Henderson. You can find it here with step by step instructions. Did I mention it really is easy but looks great?!
I made a few changes to mine. I got all my supplies at Bunnings. Firstly I used thinner poles. They are 2cm thick. They have been very sturdy so far. I also left part of mine raw as I liked the look of the natural timber. Just keep in mind if you do that not to put soaking wet things on there as it might damage the wood! I also added some hooks near where the rope is tied to hang bike helmets or smaller items on. As I said, I was really happy how it turned out and it is sturdy, it just needs adjusting every so often if it has been weighted unevenly.
I hope this little project and the New Year inspires you to make something new for your home. There are so many simple but unique projects out there! Next week I will show you the chest of drawers. X
A trip to Bunnings for supplies.
Painted Poles. Use painters tape to get a nice clean finish. Make sure you stick it down really well so the paint doesn't get under it.
I added small gold hooks to hang bike helmets, scarves etc on.