DIY: Embroidered Handbag

In case you haven't noticed yet, fashion is currently obsessed with embroidery. From the runways to the high street, it is everywhere in all forms. From iron on patches, embroidered mesh or fabrics, to hand embroidery it's everywhere and on everything.
If you ask me, fashion houses like Gucci and Dior have lead the way with Gucci taking the tougher and stronger route and Dior the more feminine and delicate route. But whatever your style is, there is a version for you. To see more inspiration and references for the above, see my Pinterest board here.
On my recent trip to China, it was really obvious that this trend is taking the world by storm. Suppliers had patches by the million and embroidered mesh has taken on lace. Personally I love patches as they are quick and easy to apply, you can play around with the positioning before you iron or sew them on and they come in so many shapes, sizes and designs. I could have really gone to town but I controlled myself and just bought a few! However, I believe this trend is going to continue to be huge and it's hard to find good ones here so I have just bought more to sell so watch this space!!
Today our DIY tutorial is going to be an easy one:
How to add the embroidered trend to your hand bag.
If you don't want to wear your embroidery why not embroider your bag? (Or just go all out and put it everywhere!)
I bought a plain, dusty pink bucket bag (this colour is so so on trend and looks more feminine with the patches) from Sportsgirl and am using one of my patches from China. To buy them here you can buy basic ones from Spotlight or keep an eye out at places like Topshop or H&M in their accessories department or if you live in Melbourne Darn Cheap fabric has some more interesting ones.
As the bag is vinyl/PU I will be sewing the patch on rather than ironing it on (trust me, please don't try and iron your bag unless it is cotton!). Pin the patch where you want it with some large sewing pins. Then get a thick sewing needle and thread to match your patch and start sewing. (I would recommend using a thimble if sewing a thicker fabric, your fingers/thumb will thank you!)
The bag I have bought is actually perfect for this as it has no lining so it's super easy to sew on. If you have a bag with lining you can either try and sew just through the outside layer by pulling the lining away whilst sewing it or sew through both layers but just make sure you pin both layers before hand so you know the lining is in the right place. Use small stitches to ensure that they won't get caught on items inside your bag. Once you have gone all around the outside I would suggest a few stitches in random places through the middle just for extra security.
And you're done - it's that easy! Continue if you want multiple patches or add other details for a more textured look. E.g. Lace or fringing, chain or a cool keyring.
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