DIY Embellished Sweatshirt

Over the last couple of years the humble sweater (or jumper as we call it in Australia!) has become quite the statement piece. Captured in street style shots across the globe, it has been printed with slogans and images, embellished and decorated, slashed and sewn back up. And it's not just the mainstream brands that are embracing it, high end designers such as Kenzo, Stella McCartney and Gucci are leading the way.
So I thought I would start by making my own. The weather is still pretty so so in Melbourne so a sweater is perfect for those in between days with shorts or jeans if it's still chilly. I picked up a cheap, plain sweater from Big W and I already had an embellished tiger trim I had picked up from China. But you can find them from places like Spotlight (only usually smaller motifs and letters here), Darn Cheap Fabrics in Melbourne or my favorite place aliexpress. They come from China so take a little while but have the best range for cheap.
So all you need for this project is a sweater, the trim/motifs of your choice, pins and a needle and thread. Some of the motifs are iron on so that is the easiest project ever. But if you do use an iron on motif I still suggest sewing it in a few places for extra security as sometimes they peel off a bit.
Start by laying your sweater out and placing the motif where you want it.
Then, pin around the outside. If its heavy, also put a few pins through the middle just to help hold it while your sewing. Make sure you haven't caught any of the back of the sweater in the pins. A handy hint also is to make sure all the pins are going in the same direction as it makes it easy when sewing. Carefully try it on to make sure you are happy with the placement.
My motif is beaded so I am hand sewing it on. (it's quicker and easier than breaking many needles!). But if your's is just fabric or embroidered you can use a sewing machine. Sew around the outside using small stitches and knotting on the back every 5-10 stitches (otherwise if one thread breaks the whole thing will come undone!) Keep one hand underneath to separate the front and back so you don't catch the back. If this is too hard, slide a book or piece of cardboard in between.
Once your finished, trim back the extra fabric (if necessary). And that's it, you are done!
An easy project you can make in a day. Also a cheap chic gift for a friend. (Christmas is coming VERY quickly!!)
Please share with me in the comments if you have made yourself one. Have a project you want to see how to make? Let me know that too, I am always up for a challenge.