DIY: Cropped Frayed Jeans

I've been watching all the street style fashion coming in from the runway shows in New York, Paris and London and have noticed a trend for cropped jeans. They have come in a few different shapes and types but alot are very frayed (and cut like someone has hacked into them!), some are flared and some are straight. They are a great way to show off booties, cute socks or just a little bit of skin. So I went out to find some but of course, couldn't so decided to make my own. Here are the simple instructions to making your own too!
Buy or use a pair of full length jeans that you like the look and fit of. Put them (if you have a short boot put them on too). 
Mark with a pin where you want to cut them off to. Just above the boot or about 5cm above the ankle bone (depending on how tall you are). Take them off and measure from the pin to the hem. Cut them off measuring around from the hem up to get them level. (or if you want them rough like some of them, hack away!)
Start fraying the edge with your fingers by pulling the white cotton threads. If they are stretch jeans there is one elastic type thread so you won't get as much fraying as regular jeans. Use an unpicker or scissors to pull more threads out as you get higher up. 
Remember that when you wash them they will fray more and get more worn in. And that's all your done! Told you it was easy!
Here is me modelling mine (straight out of the washing machine!). Did you make some? Share with me by tagging me on instagram @oh_mell