DIY: Crochet Rug

Well, it has been some time since I started this project. I would say about 2 years..... eep! When I started I worked on it a lot but then as time has gone on, I have worked on it less and less, not because I didn't like it anymore (I'm not really sure why!) but maybe I lost interest a bit. I have mainly been working on it when I go to a social knitting group called The Drunken Knitwits. They meet every week in a different pub across Melbourne and knit together and well, have a drink! Unfortunately I don't get to go as often as I would like but I really enjoy it when I go and it's a great way to meet and socialize with new people without the pressure of worrying about what to say. Any easy opener is "what are you making"! Anyway, I thought it best to finish my project this week as it was getting heavy to carry around and work on.

I have made this DIY crochet rag rug from scraps of fabric either from my work or my collection. Most of it was polyester which means there are a lot of loose threads that are tangled up. I kinda liked this effect but if you like cleaner finishes you can use knit fabric as it doesn't fray. I haven't used a pattern, more just winged it. I am sure if someone who crochet studied it they would be horrified but hey it looks cool! I ripped the fabric into strips between 2 - 4cm wide and used a large hook which was a bit hard on the fingers at times. I also knotted the pieces together, again I liked this look and they are surprisingly not awkward to stand on but if you don't like the look you could sew them together. I just mixed the colours depending on what I had available and what was coming up so I either got big patches of colour or spread it out depending on my mood!

So now all I need to do is decide what to make next! Probably something I don't need in a hurry haha...