This year has been a tough one I must say. It started out exciting with us getting married but then I have been unwell for most of this year. It has been quite an ordeal, not knowing what was wrong with me, being misdiagnosed a couple of times. It’s hard to recover from something when you don’t know what it is! And it has been a very cold, bleak and long winter. I am not a winter person at the best of times so this year has been tough. I am SO glad to finally see some sun, even if it is every other day. Spring is slowly coming.

Through all of this, it has given me a lot of time to think. And yesterday I went to Unconvention put on by The Entourage  and they talked so much about passion and about how your business should be an extension of your life. And I think that it is so important to be passionate about what you do as you spend so much time at your job or pushing your business if you have your own. But I have also realized how important it is to have your downtime and make time for the things you enjoy. I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle. I have always been involved in sport or dancing or running…. I find exercise a great stress relief. Especially getting out into nature whether it be going for a run along the beach or in the bush or (attempting) to surf or just going for a swim. Growing up in Queensland there was always plenty of fruit in our house, I try to eat a healthy diet although I would be lying if I said I didn’t often fall off the wagon! And I have always enjoyed making things. Whether it be sewing, knitting, craft, building or anything else DIY I really enjoy the art of making something and using my hands.

So I often think about what I want to do with my blog as I want it to be a reflection of myself and my lifestyle. So I hope to include all the things I enjoy whether it be a tutorial on how to make something, an outfit post, a recipe or a local review of places I have found along the coast of Melbourne and maybe even beyond. I hope it will have a coastal feel, I live by the bay in Melbourne and love the beach. I hope you enjoy and feel inspired. x