I have been a little unmotivated of late. It’s funny how I seem to be able to drag myself out in the cold dark weather but now the days are longer and generally nicer I am less interested. Too many distractions and too many excuses. And it’s amazing how quickly you can lose your fitness.  But now the odd warm day is a sharp reminder that summer is pretty much here and that means bikinis, short shorts and crop tops…

I have decided to have a ‘sea change’ and move close to the bay/beach. Whilst I am a little nervous about moving from my inner city comfort I am very excited to be walking distance to the ocean and a new running track for miles. Long summer days means after work runs and swims just outside my door. I much prefer to work out outdoors and I find the ocean really calming. Win win!

And there’s nothing like some fresh gear to boost your mood, here’s a few of my favourite items and things on my wishlist:

Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta – I usually run with hand held bottles but on long runs it can get pretty annoying filling up all the time and worrying about running out of water. This is definitely on my wishlist for my next big race.

Cotton on Body wash bag – Just cute really. I’m loving their summer active range.

Cotton on Body palm print crop top – Not sure I could run in this, I don’t think it would have enough support. But cute for yoga or strength training!

Cotton on Body palm print bike shorts – I only wear bike shorts or nike running shorts, even when its freezing. Love the print on these and a good length too.

Nike Zoom Wildhorse 2 trail shoes – I currently run in these shoes. Super lightweight and not chunky at all. They have a nice wide toe box  to help reduce toe problems (if your a trail runner you understand this!). I need to buy another pair before they change them! Love this colourway.

Nike Sportswatch – I also have one of these. I like how interactive it is and easy to use. And it’s a cool day to day watch. It’s also a lot more affordable than most GPS watches. Only downside is the battery life is not long enough for ultras…

Magic Carpet printed yoga mat – maybe distracting but looks pretty!

Reebok Medicine Ball – I really need to do some strength training again to get my core back into shape..