You know you’re getting old when trends that were big when you were young make a come back. I was rocking scrunchies in the 90’s and just lately I have noticed them popping up again. First just one girl wearing one, then another, then Free People send out a whole email about them and all of a sudden I can’t stop seeing them!

free people scrunchies

Back in the 90’s we used to make ours either out of scraps of fabric or to match my home made dress or tights. So I thought I would re-discover the fun of making them and share it with you. You don’t have to be a pro sewer to make them, you can even make them by hand if you don’t have or aren’t comfortable with a sewing machine.

I have made 2 sizes, an “adult” or large scrunchie and a “kids” or mini scrunchie. The mini ones are cute to put around half up hair or mini buns or if you aren’t quite as committed to the trend.

All you need to make one is:

  • Fabric of your choice (If you are sewing on a machine and a beginner I suggest cotton but you could make it out of velvet, jacquard, knit, anything you want really!)
  • 6mm elastic or a hair tie (if you use a hair tie make sure it’s a good quality one, you don’t want it to break inside)
  • Scissors
  • A tape measure
  • A needle and thread or a sewing machine and matching thread

What you need to make a scrunchie

Instructions for the Adult Scrunchie:

  1. Cut a piece of fabric 90cm long by 12cm high.
  2. If you are using elastic, cut a piece that is 16cm long. With the sewing machine, sew the 2 ends one on top of the other (so it forms a circle). Sew over it quite a few times, I usually use a zig zag stitch over and over, no one will see this so doesn’t need to be neat, just secure!elastic
  3. Fold the short side of the fabric in half over the elastic circle/band with the wrong side facing out. Pin the edge of  the fabric together at the beginning if it helps hold it. Now you are going to sew the long sides together with the elastic inside. Don’t sew the elastic, just the fabric. (Be careful of your fingers if you are using a sewing machine, as the fabric bunches up its easy to get caught up!) Sew until you reach the other end. sewing
  4. Attach a safety pin to one of the ends and start threading it, along with the fabric inside itself. (this will turn it back in the right way). Keep sliding and gently pushing the fabric through until you have pulled it all out the right way. insideout
  5. Slide one end inside the other then fold the outside edge back inside about 1cm to get a clean finish. (use an iron if you want to get a nice turn back and it will make it easier to sew). Top stitch the ends together if using a machine you can also sew straight over the elastic/hair tie. Or for a clean finish, hand sew the ends together. sewing closed
  6. And that’s it, your done! Now you can rock your scrunchie in your hair or on your wrist just like we used to the first time around! IMG_1011

To make the mini scrunchie, follow the above instructions but change the piece of fabric to be 40cm x 7cm and the elastic to be 12cm.