Just a quick blog today! I wanted to tell you about one of my goals for this new year. (Note I said goal not New Years resolution!) I like to think of it as a challenge, it seems more fun that way. My main creative goal, (along with blogging at least weekly) is to make the majority, if not all of birthday presents and other gifts this year. I really like handmade gifts, whether they be handmade by the person giving the gift or bought from someone at a market or on Etsy etc, I just think its really personal and you know someone has spent a lot of time creating it. It’s also a great way to challenge ourselves, learn new skills and explore new art forms. So I want to challenge you to join me, whether you just make one present or all your presents this year, learn something new and impress someone with your skills and beautiful creation. Or why not get your kids to create something? Paint a picture and get it framed in a beautiful frame, make a scrapbook photo book of happy memories or a trip you went on with the person, make them a tote bag or jewelry. There are endless ideas out there! To get you thinking jump on my pinterest board and check out all the DIY projects I have tagged.

The first birthday of the year was my sister in law Tegan. I made a wall hanging out of wool, drift wood, wooden beads and shell. And tie dyed cotton fabric and made them into napkins. I think it all turned out pretty well and I think she liked it! So I will leave you with that thought this long weekend. X