Today’s blog is a short one to offer you a bit of inspiration for everyday or the year ahead. I think we are surrounded by so much negativity, it’s easy to get sucked up into it all and hard to just enjoy the moment. Also when we are going through change, or trying to make a change it can make as anxious or frustrated that we cannot see the progress or we want to see into the future to know our choice was right.

Quotes can be cheesy I know, but I think having a few key ones that really resonate with you and you try and look at it and think about it everyday can make a big difference. Stick them on the bathroom mirror, inside your wardrobe, on the back of the front door, above your dining table – anywhere you look everyday! To get you going I have found a few that I love on pinterest. But there really is so many out there depending on what you are going through or trying to achieve. Happy Day!

free peopleQuote by Meister Eckhart, image from Free People

quote words

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plum pretty sugar

Image  from Plum Pretty Sugar Blog

i like to quote

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luce liams

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