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Hi, I’m Melinda! Let me tell you a little bit about me. When I was young I was very evolved in dancing. My mum used to make all these amazing costumes that were oh so glamorous. I was a performer. I would put on these clothes and make up and put on a show. But in day to day life I was your average 90’s kid wearing bike shorts, oversized t-shirts, home made scrunches and slouch socks.

My Aunty was an international air hostess. These were the days before cheap international travel and online shopping. I remember her bringing back a shiny pleather, black and white spot mini skirt and cropped Esprit t-shirt in my very early teens, it was like I just landed a role in Clueless.

Growing up in a small city, my options were limited. There was no such thing as online shopping.  My mum never saw the value in ‘brands’ so we would make our own versions of the latest fashion. And as I got older and more confident I started making my own clothes. This opened a world of opportunity. One week I was a Spice Girl, the next Gwen Stefani, a punk raver, surf punker, skater girl.. you name it, I was it. Accompanied by ever changing hair styles by my aunty who was a hairdresser or a DIY job at home.

I started entering fashion competitions in local towns with some weird and wonderful creations and occasionally something more normal. And then when I finished high school moved to Brisbane to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. My dress sense didn’t calm down although I think it eventually narrowed to ‘Punk/Rockabilly’. My wardrobe essentially was black, red and pink with a splash of green. Most of my uni work revolved around my own personal style.

After uni I disappeared on the overseas journey most young Australians take and travelled the US and lived in Canada for a year. I worked in a tattoo and piercing shop, selling clothes and booking appointments. I didn’t make a lot in that time, but I did get inspired by my travels.

When I came back I moved to Melbourne. I worked in retail for the first 2 years whilst applying for Fashion jobs. But it seemed every girl I met had ‘studied fashion’ and had no experience like me. I started making dresses for a local boutique which really started taking off but unfortunately they closed down. I went and studied a part time course in pattern making to refresh my skills and with some serious luck scored a job as an assistant in a pattern making room. I worked hard and hung around and was given a great opportunity to move into product development and buying. I feel very blessed as now, 4 years down the track I am still challenged every day and life is never boring!

I believe fashion is a reflection of your lifestyle. I have grown up near the beach and still love the lifestyle that is living by the beach. We have just recently moved to Sandringham, to me the closest thing we will get living in Melbourne. I wanted to start this blog as a personal creative outlet to explore crafts, DIY, fashion, recipes, reviews on local cafes, stores and brands. Basically anything that inspires me I want to bring together here on my website. I hope you enjoy reading it and that some of the posts inspire you too. Please subscribe if you would like to be notified when I post. Follow me on Instagram: ohmell and Pintrest: Oh_Mell

Love Mel. x